AEM 1305: Rocketry: Design, Build, and Fly

2 CreditsFreshman Seminar

This hands-on course will take students beyond (Estes-type) \"model rocketry\" into the realm of \"high-power rocketry,\" building rockets with H-size (or larger) motors, some capable of reaching altitudes of several thousand feet! The class will begin by building a \"kit\" rocket (in teams) then attending a day-long \"Round 1\" launch event with will be a required class activity for a weekend date mid-semester. This will be followed by designing then building a \"Round 2\" custom \"scratch\" rocket (in teams) then sending representatives of the team to launch it late in the semester. In addition to learning basic rocketry physics, using rocketry computer simulations, constructing high-power rockets, and flying them, this class will include lectures, discussions, and activities associated with the past, present, and future of \"real-spaceflight rocketry\" for manned and unmanned rocket-powered missions to low-Earth-orbit and beyond. Required all-day class flight activities, often on a Saturday mid-semester. High-power rocketry classes will have a second class flight date to which every team will need to send attendees. Specific launch date(s) will be announced at the beginning of the semester. Transportation to rocket launches will be provided. prereq: Freshman, able to attend all-day flight activities

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