AGRO 1661W: Engaging Plant Science

2 CreditsWriting Intensive

This course engages students in educational experiences to develop skills to navigate the plant sciences. As an orientation course, it will introduce you to some of the important resources available to you as a student at the University of Minnesota in the College of Food Agricultural, and Natural Resources Sciences. A major learning objective is to increase your ability to access and utilize the primary literature in the plant sciences. This course will also introduce you to fundamental skills and best practices in managing and analyzing data that you will use in subsequent plant science courses. As a writing intensive course, you will get instruction and practice in scientific writing. This course is delivered in a hybrid (in person/online) format. This will require careful planning, self-discipline, and good time management to view pre-recorded lectures and successfully complete the various online learning activities, quizzes and assignments. The specific plant science content that you will learn will come from your research to complete a literature review assignment, reading and analyzing papers, and working with data sets from published research. The ultimate goal is to enhance your competency as a self-learner to serve you in your academic pursuit of a degree at the University of Minnesota and beyond.

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