AGRO 4605: Strategies for Agricultural Production and Management

3 Credits

ISome of humanity's greatest challenges are related to agriculture. The human population continues to grow and food, fuel, and fiber production are critical to improving human lives around the world. In this course, students will learn the principles of crop production and apply those principles to address real-world agricultural challenges using quantitative tools and skills. Students will learn how to find, access, and use publicly available data to better make decisions in agriculture. Group activities will require students to synthesize information from peer-reviewed research and apply that information to practical problems. This class includes trips to field research plots to collect data, organizing it, and analyzing it to test hypotheses and solve problems. Discussions and labs will be interactive and will require individual and group-level critical thinking. prereq: 1101 or equivalent, [CHEM1015/17 or equivalent], SOIL1125 or equivalent], [jr or sr or grad student or instr consent]

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