ALL 1201: Arrow, Fist, and Sword: Conceptions of the Hero in Asian Cultures

Concepts of the "hero" in Chinese, Korean, and Japanese cultures: How did various societies in these countries define the ethos of the "hero" and his relationship to the community? How did versions of the hero change over time, and how was the hero redefined in the context of modern nationalism? What part have traditional gender roles played in defining the hero, and is a "female" hero possible within these traditions? And how has popular film allowed modern Asian societies to reinterpret their traditional conceptions of the hero? Specific explorations: the Chinese assassin, the haohan and their evolution into the martial artist of popular culture; Mulan and the Chinese female warrior; Korean figures of the Three Kingdoms period; the Korean hero Hong Gildong; and shifting Japanese constructions of the samurai from medieval war tales to modern times.

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