ARCH 3261: BDA: The Art of Daylighting Design: Exquisite Rooms

3 Credits

Daylighting design and luminous phenomena have long captured the imagination of designers and architects. The beauty and power of light and shadow inspires the work of the greatest architectural masters. This BDA Workshop explores the many roles of daylighting in architectural design and how it is shaped by the intersection of both poetic and performance goals and aspirations. A select group of exquisite rooms of leading modern and contemporary architects will be compared and contrasted to gain insight into larger luminous design concepts, principles, strategies, and lessons on the art of daylighting design. Physical and computer models, photography, rendered drawings, diagramming, and computer analysis will be explored to understand the daylighting design philosophies, strategies, and details of 'Masters of Light' and the application of daylighting design lessons to an individual daylight investigation. Learning objectives are: to compare and contrast poetic and performance daylighting design concepts, principles, and strategies of modern and contemporary masters; to develop a comparative knowledge of daylighting theories and practices from case studies of exquisite rooms to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively develop and assess qualitative and quantitative daylighting strategies; and to develop a personal daylighting design theory, process, and practice.

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