ARCH 3411V: Architectural History to 1750

3 CreditsHonorsGlobal PerspectivesHistorical PerspectivesOnline AvailableWriting Intensive

This course will begin to situate us, and our work, in the context of the much larger, much longer human story. Architecture, both in practice and in its historical study, is fundamentally about people. In studying the human past through the built environment, from prehistory to 1750, we will see how architecture, both the ordinary and the extraordinary, is the product of its cultural, political, and social context. People make buildings and spaces, and buildings and spaces shape the ideas and behaviors of people. By studying architectural history we will learn about trends of style and form, but our primary emphasis is to learn about the relationships, practices, narratives, and beliefs that have constituted human culture around the world and across time. prereq: first year writing requirement; Soph or above

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