ARCH 5413: Modern and Contemporary Global Architecture

3 Credits

This course is a global history of modern and contemporary architecture, tailored to graduate students in the M.Arch. program. The course examines the architectural production of the 20th and 21st centuries through the focused study of buildings, urban plans, unbuilt designs, manifestos, and other visual and textual documents. Students will be called upon to reflect on issues of design, planning, programming, technology, and representation, connecting this course to their architectural training and future professional practice. At the same time, the course will offer a critical and multidisciplinary perspective, presenting architecture in the context of culture, politics, economics, ideology, and other historical developments. The premise of this course is the fundamental role of history for contemporary and future architectural practice. The course assignments, readings, and activities aim to spur a productive dialogue between critical reflection and historical knowledge with an eye towards creative action.

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