ARTS1107: Introduction to Digital Drawing

4 CreditsArts/HumanitiesOnline Available

This course introduces students to digital drawing as a means of expression. Students will experiment with methods of making marks on a surface or virtual surface, and the materiality and process of making those marks. In this introductory drawing course, students will explore the realm of possibilities of digital technology as an essential component in a contemporary drawing practice. Elements such as line, value, texture, shape and space are explored in works using digital technology.Students will learn the basics of drawing using Wacom Bamboo, Cintiq tablets, and Adobe software applications. This class provides students with hands on experience with technological aids in art making such as a laser cutter, digital router, 3d printers, digital embroidery machine, vinyl cutter, and sonic welder. Students will also gain experience using large format Epson printers with a variety of materials.This class will use drawing to explore conceptual development and critical thinking. Individual and collaborative projects are aimed to provide students with technical ability while building concept and content in the work. Individual and group critiques will help students to address technical concerns and contextualize their work within the rich history of drawing. Studio work outside of scheduled class time is expected.

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