ARTS 1202: Art and Yoga: Combining Somatic, Contemplative, and Creative Practices

3 Credits

Art and Yoga integrates somatic and creative practices for greater peace, joy, self-acceptance, and vitality. It nurtures your full creative potential and develops your connection to your inner resources through a careful sequencing of yoga and art. Each class opens with yoga, chanting, and meditation, which leads into guided creative exercises with various art materials. This yoga-then-art sequence helps you selectively calm and energize the body/mind prior to experimenting with the expressive arts. Highlighting Kundalini Yoga, during each class we learn a mixture of pranayam (breathing techniques), kriyas (postural asana sequences), and meditations with mudra (hand positions) and mantra (repetition of primal sounds and sacred phrases). Along the way students learn effective self-care practices to manage stress and overwhelm. During the second half of each class, once in a meditative, yogic state, we explore a guided creative prompt, typically using oil pastels, water-based paints and other mixed media for drawing and painting, or pen and paper for creative writing. Occasionally we explore sound and authentic movement. Overall, the course emphasizes the creative process rather than the final outcome; the intention is to cultivate a non-judgmental attitude towards our body/minds and the creative gifts we have to share. You leave the course feeling stronger emotionally, physically, and creatively. Bring a yoga mat and wear comfortable clothing to class. Art materials are supplied for the creative exercises we do during class. The yoga-then-art sequence is also used during your weekly home practice. A list will be provided for you to purchase supplies to use at home, though feel free to use materials you already own. Evaluation based on attendance, participation, quality of engagement, a service component, regular home creative practice, two self-assessment written reports, and one additional home creative project. This class is for all levels of art and yoga backgrounds: although welcome, no previous experience is necessary.

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