ARTS 1802: Introduction to Sculpture: Understanding the Fundamentals of the Practice of Sculpture

4 CreditsArts/Humanities

This course is aimed at students who are eager to creatively take risks, experiment, play, and work in an environment of collaboration and team learning experiences. This intro level course is the foundation for sculpture. Through hands-on demonstrations of basic sculptural processes (for example: carving, modeling, assembling, and casting) you will gain experience in developing art projects from idea to realization all the way to the final surprising artwork. Throughout the semester we will be looking at contemporary and historical works of art as examples of how a broad range of diverse artists have explored the concepts and materials they use in their work and how this applies to the work you create. Critiques will be used as a tool for developing critical thinking and project development. You can expect by the end of this course to discover your individual creative processes and feel comfortable and safe working independently in a sculpture studio. You will be prepared for advanced sculpture and foundry and metal casting courses.

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