ARTS 3180: Zines, Comics, and Books

4 Credits

This class introduces students to the culture and creation of artist's books, comics, and zines. Students will generate one example of each format, while being exposed to a wide range of works and relevant processes. We will view and read examples across cultures and develop an understanding of the history and contemporary context for making artist's books. We will look at zines that embrace punk culture, gay culture, counter culture, and feminist movements. We will read graphic novels and connect with the local comics scene. We will visit archives of artists books in the Twin Cities, starting with the impressive collection at the University of Minnesota. Students will use the Risograph process as well as other generative techniques for self-publishing, from the copy machine to internet publishing. Students will also be introduced to binding techniques for the artists' book section of this class. Prerequisite: Students must have taken one of the following courses: 1101,1103, OR 1107.

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