ARTS 3790: Phone It In: Mobile Imaging and the Connected World

4 CreditsOnline Available

This course embraces the phone camera as a serious photographic tool. 1.43 trillion photos were taken in 2020, 91% of them on mobile phones. This is a hybrid art class involving both making and sharing of photographs, as well as readings, presentations, discussions, and research presentations. We will explore how mobile imaging technology and connectivity have transformed photography, as well as every other aspect of our lives- emotional, social, political, economic, and health. The role of mobile devices in social justice movements will be discussed, as well as issues of privacy, surveillance, and mental health implications. We will learn about the history, technology, and infrastructure of mobile devices and the internet. Technical and aesthetic aspects of phone photography will be addressed, including advanced camera controls, and in-phone and post image optimization and enhancement software. This online class will take place in synchronous Zoom meetings, as well as small group and individual meetings with the instructor. Content includes lectures, discussions, class visitors, and critiques of student work. You will be assigned a series of photographic projects, culminating in an extended final project reflecting your interests and passions. This is not your grandparents' photo class (although it is open to all generations).

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