ARTS 5140: Advanced Printmaking

4 Credits

This course engages deeply with print media to understand the processes technically and conceptually. Students hone their skills with in-depth demonstrations that can include intaglio, lithography, monoprinting, relief, and screen printing. Contemporary visiting artists who engage with print as their primary media offer inspiration for students' development, as do visits to local collections to view and discuss prints from the past 600 years. Students develop their own voice and a community with their peers as they build skills in the printmaking studios. They explore their relationships with the media as they learn about concepts of how the multiple has functioned historically, politically and as a tool for activism. Through readings, lectures, discussions, and making, the course explores print’s contemporary iterations to combine digital and hand processes and even work across media to morph into sculptural, printstallation, or public projects. prereq: ARTS 3130

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