ASL 3704: American Sign Language IV

5 Credits

The final dynamic course of a four-course sequence draws upon previously acquired knowledge in ASL 3703. The course includes comprehension and production activities, vocabulary, grammatical structure, fingerspelling, and cultural aspects to further develop communicative proficiency and cultural knowledge. In ASL 3704, students are provided with various conversational opportunities to expand their production and comprehension skills in ASL. Students will study units 15, 17-18, and 22-23 in the Signing Naturally textbook. Community involvement in the ASL/Deaf community is required outside of class for Fall/Spring (not required for May/Summer Term). prereq: 3703 with grade of at least [S or C-] or dept consent

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B+ Average (3.281)Most Common: S (28%)

This total also includes data from semesters with unknown instructors.

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