BA 1011: Leading Self & Teams

2 Credits

This course guides Carlson students through a self-reflective journey as they learn about interpersonal competencies and the role of these competencies in their own leadership style and when leading teams. As leadership and teamwork are an essential component in the Carlson education and more broadly in the business community, this class provides the foundational skills necessary for future success. The course is structured into two parts: understanding individual perspectives and understanding team dynamics. The course begins by providing students with a theoretical foundation on interpersonal differences that influence how people lead and interact in teams. Specifically, we explore differences in personality, identity, values, opinions, and cultures and the role they play when interacting with others. The focus of the course is providing students with essential skills to uncover, appreciate and navigate differences to create a solid foundation upon which to develop their own leadership skills and work together as a team. The second half of the course will focus on understanding team dynamics. This class provides students with a unique learning opportunity to learn how teams work while simultaneously working in their teams. In doing so, they will witness the direct application of course material to their own learning teams while completing their team project. Students will learn the science behind how teams are structured, team roles, processes within teams and what leads to effective teams. Specifically, the topics examined will include team decision making, conflict resolution, power, influence, analyzing team dynamics, and providing team feedback. At the end of this course, students will have a deeper understanding of themselves and will master skills for working in and leading teams. prereq: Carlson School of Management student

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