BCLA 4061: Marketing and Distribution Channels

3 Credits

Marketing channels are sets of interdependent organizations involved in the process of making a product or service available for use or consumption. Marketing and distribution channels management is an essential aspect of commercial activities. In today’s ever-more complex and challenging competitive scenario, it is necessary for organizations to know how to effectively select and manage marketing channels so that they can create partnerships that are capable of generating value and trust and avoiding conflicts. As Peter Drucker has said, “The greatest change will be in distribution channels, not in new methods of production or consumption.” Choosing the right channels, convincing them to carry your merchandise, and getting them to work as partners is a major challenge. Too many companies see themselves as selling to distributors instead of selling through them. This course will help students learn how to develop marketing channel plans, which enable an organization to increase sales, margins, and levels of collaboration with channel partners.

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