CHIC 1912: Performing Latina/o/x Identities: Media, Art, and Popular Culture

3 CreditsFreshman SeminarRace, Power, and Justice in the United States

What are the most popular representations of Latinos in mainstream media? How are stereotypes about Latinos perpetuated by the media? How do scholars in various fields, such as Communications and Latina/o Studies, critique one-dimensional images of Latinos in the media and in popular culture? How do Latinos challenge stereotypical portrayals and represent themselves when they create their own art or media? How does the intersection of ethnicity, gender, sexuality and class inform media representations and Latina/o/x-created art-forms? With these questions in mind, this course explores the representation of Latinos and Latinas in the media and how Latinas and Latinos represent themselves in mainstream, independent, and social media when they have creative control. Students learn how Latina/o identity has been portrayed in popular and in independent media, in politics, in activism and social movements. By engaging with scholarship on media representation, students learn to identify the major stereotypes of Latinos in television, film, and news media. Students learn to differentiate between stereotypes and efforts towards self-representation produced by Latinos. The course will incorporate performances and workshops led by locally and nationally-renowned Latina/o artists.

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