CNRC1003: World of Rome

3 CreditsFreshman SeminarHistorical Perspectives

In this course we will ask ourselves: why does ancient Rome refuse to go away? What is itabout ancient Rome that has captured the imaginations of Shakespeare and the framers ofthe U.S. Constitution as well as HBO, Hollywood, and the video game industry? The courseexamines the world of ancient Rome from early Etruscan and eastern origins to theemergent Christian Rome of later antiquity. We will study the diverse mix of cultures inthis vast multi-ethnic empire that spanned from the Near East and Africa to Europe. As wechart the rise of this ancient superpower, we will examine Roman imperialism, colonialism,and the dynamics of cultural identity. Through art, literature, and archeology we willexplore politics, religions, slavery and social structures, gender and sexuality, sports andentertainment, economics and trade, as well as the rhythms of daily life.

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