CPSY 3501: Introduction to Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health

3 Credits

Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health refers to how a child develops socially and emotionally during the first years of life in the context of relationships. Understanding Infant Mental Health is the key to preventing and addressing the mental health problems of very young children and their families. It also helps guide healthy social and emotional development. As a body of professionals studying, researching and helping families with very young children, the Infant Mental Health field is holistic, family-oriented, and multidisciplinary, involving social services, mental health and healthcare professionals, educators and policy makers. This course provides an introduction to the foundation of emotional well-being, and social and emotional development. It also focuses on how individuals in a wide range of professional roles can promote mental well-being for young children and reduce mental health risk factors. The course also explores the foundational tenets of the Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health field, including ethical standards, established competencies, and best practices.

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