CPSY 4314: Trauma-Informed Care Practices in Early Childhood

3 CreditsOnline Available

The course offers a unique experience for students to dig deeply into current research about trauma, resilience, and child development. Students will also have the opportunity to explore how, as practitioners, our ideas about best practice and quality care must be shaped by and around what we are learning about the lasting impact of trauma. Throughout the course, students will explore how race, class, and gender influence and intersect with our understanding of “best practice” as we help students develop a trauma-informed approach to working with children and families. This course offers students the opportunity to learn how theory influences practice in a variety of community settings that serve diverse populations. Students taking this course also have the option to enroll concurrently in CPSY 4315. CPSY 4315 is designed as a practicum experience to be taken concurrently with CPSY 4314. Students taking the course will be able to work in a community setting with children ages 0-5. Students will collaborate with teachers who are experts in working with children and families who have experienced trauma. CPSY 4315 offers students the opportunity to put theory into practice in a community setting that serves a diverse population.

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