CPSY 5302: Cognitive and Biological Development

3 CreditsOnline Available

This course concerns the development and function of thinking skills throughout the lifespan, touching upon several aspects of what makes humans unique. How are humans able to perceive, evaluate, interpret, infer, remember, symbolize, plan, evaluate, problem solve, and hypothesize? What influences the very emergence of such abilities and the nature of their function? What obstacles interfere with the development or the quality of cognitive processes? Brain development and other biological factors, and our relationships and other environmental factors influence our thinking and its development. Throughout this course, we will discuss how knowledge about cognitive development can influence our work with children, adolescents, and adults, in daily life, professional practice, and public policy. Among the many applications of our knowledge of cognitive development, in this course we will focus on select examples relevant to parenting, education, and media exposure, and on topics initiated by students. The course will address individual differences and cultural differences in cognitive development, and how knowledge about variation in “typical” cognitive development provides an important foundation for understanding atypical cognitive development.

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