CSE1012: Project-based Inquiry

2 Credits

This experiential learning class introduces CSE freshmen to new skills that will be helpful in their coursework, extracurricular activities, and internships. Students develop these skills and then apply them in a team project. Different sections of the course are devoted to different skill-based themes (e.g., 3D printing, Microcontrollers and Sensors, and Eclipse-themed Stratospheric Ballooning). All sections follow the same format. In the first several weeks of the semester, students learn new skills by completing exercises and activities. Then, team projects begin. Student teams are given project constraints (i.e., size limitations, features) and then follow a series of design steps to create their projects. First, they define a problem or goal for their projects based on their interests and the skills they are learning. Next, they brainstorm possible ways to solve the problem or meet the goal and select one to pursue. Then, they create a prototype and test it. Based on the results, they redesign and refine their project as time allows, ultimately creating a final project. At critical points along this sequence, the teams document their work with project memos, a presentation about their prototype, and a final project report.

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