DES 1904: Fashion and Music

3 CreditsFreshman Seminar

This course will explore the relationship between music, dance, and fashion, looking specifically at the 20th century. It will begin with an introduction to the impact of music and dance on fashion and dress and then delve into the changes in popular music and dance throughout the 20th century which result in changes in fashionable dress. The subcultural groups known as flappers, zoot-suiters, Bobby soxers, beats, punks, and goths will be studied to understand the importance of music on each group’s dress and identity. Class sessions will include short lectures, video clips, class discussions, student presentations, and the examination of garments and objects from the Goldstein Museum of Design collections. After taking this course, students will have an understanding of the significance of dress as marker of the identities of individual wearers within their historic context. Special features of the course will include field trips to local museums and guided tours by museum experts. Guest speakers discussing the influence of music on fashion. Historic artifacts will be available for examination from the Goldstein Museum of Design. Quizzes will be given online using the Canvas class website.

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