EDHD 2201H: Basics of Research Methods for Honors Students

As part of a society that is saturated with "research," we have all at some point encountered at least one form of research--whether it is via election polls, market surveys, investigative findings reported on the 10pm news, or academic research for your papers. There is sometimes too much research to make sense of it all. As an undergraduate student, you have likely found many examples of research, and it will only become more important in your own academic career, and if you choose to pursue an academic route, in your own development as a scholar. Therefore, learning the basics of research--how it is conducted, how it can be used to answer everyday questions, and what makes it good quality--will make you not only a better researcher, but also a better consumer of academic and popular research. This course aims to introduce you, as an honors student, to these topics.

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