EE 2701: Sustainable Electricity Supply: Renewables and Conservation

3 CreditsOnline AvailableTechnology and Society

This course is on the very timely topic of combating climate change by looking closely at electricity generation, delivery, and its use for a sustainable future. Generating electricity from renewables and conservation in all forms, including improving energy efficiency, are the most important tools we have for combating climate change. This course will help you understand the historical development of energy production, the economic impacts of energy sources, the political implications, and primarily the technical understanding of solar power, wind power, electric vehicles, battery storage, fuel cells, energy distribution, and conservation. It will help you consider the potential societal benefits such as reduced energy bills, cleaner air and water, increased economic opportunities, and prepare you for exciting and meaningful careers in renewable energy and sustainability. Prerequisite: Physics 1302W (or equivalent)

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