ESCI 1902: Geology of Minnesota

3 CreditsFreshman SeminarEnvironment

This course addresses important societal questions, such as \"Where does my drinking water come from? Do I really need to buy bottled water? What should my stand be regarding major water-related environmental issues in Minnesota?\" In this course, we will explore the world around us, and apply what we learn to better contribute to the solutions we will need as a society to deal with impacts on water quality and quantity due to factors such as agriculture, flood control, groundwater pumping, hydroelectric power, integrity of surface water features, interbasin transfers, invasive biota, mining, and shipping. In doing so, we will explore ways for everyone to better take responsibility for their role in optimizing public health, maximizing economic benefits, maintaining biodiversity, and protecting the integrity of surface water features on our landscape. Emphasis will be placed on how our choices and solutions will in the long term affect our principal drinking water source--the groundwater that is hosted in ancient rocks in the north and in the deep subsurface, younger limestone and sandstone in the south, and the sediments of the most recent Ice Age from which our soils have formed. A full-day field trip planned for a Saturday in September will examine how societal choices affect our use of and protection of water resources in our rivers and lakes, and a second full-day trip on a Saturday in October will address the same issues in relation to our largest source of drinking water--our wells. Those unable to attend a field trip may instead prepare a paper.

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