FLOR 3014: Fashion & Arts Communication

3 CreditsGlobal Perspectives

This course was structured out of four core ideas: how fashion designers and artists communicate and market their art; how institutions communicate and market the fashion items and artworks they have on display; how the audience communicates their experience of fashion and of art and how this influences marketing and promotional strategies; and how these three processes are implemented through communication and marketing channels and for which purposes. The course will explore its core ideas integrating theoretical and experiential-learning approaches. Starting from the fundamentals of communication theory, with a focus on listening skills and effective storytelling, students will draw from case studies to understand the underlying core of communication activities in fashion and the arts. The promotional process in both industries will be analyzed in its main parts (research, planning, execution, evaluation), as well as in its ethical and legal implications. Students will experiment with promotional tools to understand the connection between public relations and the media, and explore the blurred line between public relations and marketing when dealing with social media contents and strategic planning. Ultimately, they will learn the fundamentals to develop and design a communication campaign.

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