FSOS1211: An Interdisciplinary Look at the Family in Multicultural America

4 CreditsComm, Lang, Lit, & PhilosophyGoal 3a - Biological ScienceRace, Power, and Justice in the United StatesService LearningSocial SciencesSustainability

This course is designed as an introduction to multicultural families using an ecological lens. The institution of the family is recognized globally as a basic unit of a society that produces, develops, socializes, and launches the next generation of its citizenry. This course will focus on families in contemporary America, a society that has grown increasingly diverse, and faces many complex challenges in today’s global environment. Using a human ecological lens allows us to examine families in their nested and interdependent environments--how individuals shape and are shaped by families, their human built environments, their socio-cultural environments, and their natural-physical environments. This is a service learning class.

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