GCD 8151: Cellular Biochemistry and Cell Biology

2-4 Credits

This course introduces graduate students to fundamental concepts of Biochemical Unity (Part 1) and Cell Theory (Part 2). For Part 1, we will discuss matter of life, equilibrium, entropy & law of mass action, two state systems, random walks & diffusion, rate equations of chemical reactions, and explore how they relate to regulation of biological networks (gene regulation and signal transduction). For Part 2 we will focus on properties of biological membranes, membrane trafficking, protein import & degradation, nuclear structures and their function, as well as molecular motors, cytoskeletal dynamics, and mitosis. The course assumes students have had previous undergraduate courses in cell biology, biochemistry and genetics. prereq: [[[4034 or 8121 or BioC 8002], Biol 4004] or BMBB or MCDBG grad student] or instr consent

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