GDBA 7101: Critical Thinking and Leadership

2 Credits

This course integrates approaches to leadership and ethics in related courses delivered at top business schools, placing them in the distinct context of these times. The course is devoted to providing a relatively complete view for executives of enterprises, who want to take control of their organizations, realize strategies and accomplish missions, to help them rethink, review and improve their leadership of self and of their organizations. The course will be delivered through a combination of theoretical analyses, cases study and review of practice, through which students will be better able to understand multiple dimensions of human nature; they will also practice and strengthen critical thinking (to get at the truth), creative thinking (for divergence), situational thinking (for effectiveness), and ethical thinking (for fairness). All of these are necessary for leaders’ daily decision-making, and help leaders realize their full potential to lead their organizations by overcoming internal and external challenges in the face of uncertainty, and help them cultivate outstanding leaders and create great companies.

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