GEOG 1916: Social Justice and the Twin Cities

3 CreditsFreshman Seminar

This seminar will explore the interconnected histories, geographies, and politics of the Twin Cities – Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. Drawing on urban geography, urban studies, feminist, and critical race theory literatures, we will examine how settler colonialism, anti-Black racism, and other intersecting forces of oppression shape how urban spaces are formed and experienced in the Twin Cities. We will also closely examine how different urban actors, from local grassroots collectives, non-profit organizations, and city governments, have sought to address social and racial inequities and work towards social change. Furthermore, we will deeply engage with the longstanding histories and presents of Black, Indigenous, and Latinx social justice activism in the Twin Cities. Students will have the opportunity to learn from local community organizers and activists and go on a field trip to learn about social justice and social change in the Twin Cities.

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