GEOG 3388: Going Places: Geographies of Travel and Tourism

3 CreditsCivic Life and Ethics

Are you wondering whether you will be able to travel as you did a few years ago? One of the largest industries, tourism is in a profound crisis. This course understands tourism in relation to other kinds of mobility, like shopping, colonialism, trafficking, migration, and pilgrimage. As the negative environmental and health impacts of tourism have become obvious, significant demands have emerged on its practices and policies. Investigating the landscapes and economies of cars, planes, beaches, parks, malls, and museums, we come to appreciate the unique challenges tourism poses for global citizenship and the planet. To gain a critical geographical understanding of mobility we engage a range of ethical frameworks such as human rights, feminism, social justice, and utilitarianism. Our final destination is an informed and critical ethics of travel in the age of pandemics and climate change.

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