GEOG 3973: Geography of the Twin Cities

3 CreditsSocial Sciences

The University of Minnesota sits in the middle of a fascinating city, and in this class you will explore parts of that city in-depth. You will learn about the human geography of the Twin Cities, how they have developed in the past, and how they are changing. You will examine the settlement, economic change, social practices, and political events that have shaped the Twin Cities, learning how to look at this place through multiple and contesting perspectives. Through a combination of in-depth field work, applied research, readings, and discussion, you will learn about urban concepts like immigration, Native populations, poverty, homelessness, segregation, redlining, suburbanization, shifts in retail and jobs, zoning, transit, metropolitan governance, urban renewal, and more. The goal is to foster your critical reflection on important, contemporary challenges facing our metropolitan region, and develop a new way to look at your present home.

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