GLOS 1112: Social Justice and Globalization

3 CreditsGlobal Perspectives

This course focuses on the relationship between two highly charged terms: globalization and social justice. We will explore questions such as: What is social justice, and how is it different from political justice or economic justice? When does the free flow of capital and commodities involved in globalizing processes endanger possibilities for social justice, and how might we check this danger? What about the mass migrations occurring now to Europe and elsewhere? To what extent are these the result of historic injustices, what new social injustices might they create, what new possibilities for social justice might they enable? How and when does the emergence of social media, network technologies and the like assist in the fight for human rights and equality, and thus enable social justice? And under what circumstances do these technologies empower phenomena like authoritarian populism, thus undermining social justice? This course will examine theoretical texts, literature, and empirical studies from the social sciences to investigate these questions.

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