GLOS3105: Exploring the World: The Practice of Interdisciplinary Research

3 Credits

This class introduces Global Studies students to some of the major disciplines and methods used to make knowledge about the social world. The course first addresses fascinating philosophical questions, such as how is knowledge a social product? How are knowing and understanding different? How might we think of ignorance, too, as something constructed? We then turn from theory to practice, and to the question, how can we frame our questions, and enact our research in humble and ethically principled ways? Students will respond to this task by designing collaborative research projects. They will first identify and define a real world issue; they will review different disciplines' methods for defining and approaching the issue, and then they will jointly create a collaborative research design. The course will help Global Studies students understand the interdisciplinary nature of the Global Studies major, and it will help them begin to think about the goals, interests, and methods of their senior projects.

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