GLOS3144H: Honors: Knowledge, Power, and the Politics of Representation in Global Studies

3 CreditsHonorsTopics Course

This course provides an introductory overview of core theories and concepts that prepare students for successful completion of the Global Studies curriculum. In this half of the Global Studies core course sequence, students will investigate questions pertaining to how representations of the modern world in popular media and academic writing contribute to, reaffirm, and often challenge relations of inequality and division tied to such categories as ethnicity, gender, and race. Drawing on a wide range of interdisciplinary sources including magazines, novels, films, and digital media, these questions may include: How do cultural representations of the Global South reinforce European imperial and colonial projects? What role do mass-market magazines and newspapers have in constructing difference and producing stereotypes that justify imperialist attitudes? How does the development of technologies, from railroads to the internet, affect collective experiences of time and space? How is 'fake news' and intentional misrepresentation a threat to democracy and to the ecological security of the Earth? Students will meet twice a week for lecture and attend a weekly recitation section with assignments that include short writing exercises and/or weekly Canvas posts and a midterm and final examination. This course will show how the politics of representation and knowledge production relate to changing formations of power, while giving students the conceptual vocabulary and critical skills to prepare for subsequent Global Studies courses. Prereq: Honors soph, jr, or sr

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