HECU 3556: Making Media Making Change: Digital Technologies, Storytelling, and Activism Digital Laboratory

4 CreditsPracticum

The Digital Laboratory course is focused on the development and production of compelling videos. Student videography is expected to demonstrate both innovative content and high quality production. As part of this course, students will be trained by SPNN staff in camera operations, aesthetics of video production, shot composition, audio, lighting, and editing. Work will be graded with one's growing skill set in mind. Instructors will look for improvement in both the technical elements and the student's ability to create engaging and original work that reflects our focus on media that catalyzes social change. By the end of the semester students will be able to produce video suitable for public broadcast. While the coursework is integrated, we will spend most Wednesdays focused on the Digital Laboratory. The Digital Laboratory course is one of three required linked concurrently offered courses that make up the Making Media, Making Change: Digital Technologies, Storytelling and Activism program taught through our institutional partnership with HECUA {and their community partner, the Twin Cities public access media powerhouse St Paul Neighborhood Network (SPNN), which provides technical training, equipment, and video production support). Students are also enrolled in HECU 3555W From Consumers to Creators and HECU 3558 Digital Media internship where students can strengthen relationships with the diverse set of actors in the Twin Cities committed to using digital media to share their voices and build community. Interns contribute to public access and nonprofit programming and create professional quality video for community organizations in the Twin Cities. Departmental Consent Required.

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