HIST 4970: History Day Mentorship

1 Credit

HIST 4970 is a course designed to engage students in local grades 6-12 education through the National History Day in Minnesota program. This class requires that students complete at least 100 hours of mentoring work in History Day schools in the Twin Cities. While the focus of these hours will be in the classroom, some hours may be fulfilled through participation in other History Day support services and/or assistance with events. In addition to their commitments to their assigned school, students must participate in regular seminar meetings, complete assigned course work, and fulfill final project requirements. Following the start of the class, students will have been assigned to a school, received preliminary History Day training, meet participating teacher(s), and develop a schedule for school visits. Most of all, this course is about connections. The University is looking for civic engagement opportunities through its “Grand Challenges” curriculum that demonstrate the relevance of the institution and the contributions of its students to the citizens of the state. The College of Liberal Arts “roadmap” also places specific emphasis on connecting its majors to the structures of education in Minnesota. Furthermore, the connections you make in applied learning situations (internships and/or service learning) can be a determining factor in shaping future career paths or graduate education. The History Day mentor program is a unique opportunity to apply your academic skills in a real-world educational environment. Your efforts will assist teachers on the frontlines of education, and you will help build pathways to higher education for inner-city students. The instructors appreciate the interest in service learning that has brought you to this course, and it is our hope that this opportunity proves to be a highlight of your undergraduate experience.

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