HORT1942: The American Lawn

3 CreditsFreshman SeminarGoal 7 - Human DiversityIntellectual CommunityTechnology and Society

This course will examine the American lawn in terms of its history, impact on society and the environment, and future. We will examine both the environmental and economic impact of lawns. We will also discuss several technologies related to the lawn and how they affect society. Some of the topics we will cover include low-input lawns, pesticide fate, nutrient run-off, genetically modified lawn grasses, and mowing technology. Students will explore these topics through field trips, readings, class discussions, and interactions with people working in areas related to the American lawn. Writing and in-class presentations will give students opportunities to improve critical communication skills. Students will be exposed to important technologies, learn about the science behind the technologies, and discuss how these technologies can impact society.

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