HORT4112: Flowering Trees and Shrubs

1 Credit

Need an excuse to spend a few hours outside at the height of the spring flowering season? Want to spend more time amidst the expansive and beautiful University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum plant collections? Do you want to be able to identify more woody landscape plants, in flower? Here's your chance to expand your plant identification skills and learn the names and flowering characteristics for approximately 150 woody landscape plants. Flowering Trees and Shrubs is a practitioners course, designed to give you a hands-on opportunity to learn to identify woody landscape trees, shrubs, ground covers, and vines, including the common and scientific names for each. We will study the plants as family assemblages, noting features common to each family which will assist you in identifying unknown plants in Minnesota and other geographical locations in the future. In addition to identification; common landscape uses, cultural specificities,problems, and notable cultivars will be highlighted.

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