HORT4141W: Scheduling Crops for Protected Environments

4 CreditsEnvironmentWriting Intensive

The purpose of this course is to acquaint students with the identification, scheduling, and cultural requirements of commercially produced vegetables, herbs, ornamental flowers, and foliage plants, gain experience in growing them, and conduct experiments to understand current problems. The course builds on knowledge obtained in Hort 1001 or Hort 1015, by adding in additional factors of plant growth coupled with scheduling and growing of crops which commercial growers would experience. The role of ornamental plants in the human environment will be discussed, with special emphasis on future issues. Writing is an integral component of this course; one major paper is revised and expanded multiple times plus other course writing fulfill the writing intensive requirement. Through the use of interactive learning, field trips, written assignments, and in-class discussions, students learn crop requirements and the interactions between the marketing distribution system of breeders, producers, distributors, growers, retailers, and consumers. prereq: HORT 1001/6011 or PMB 2022 or BIOL 1009. HORT 1015 preferred but not required.

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