HSEM 2061H: Statistics and Data Science for Everyone

3 CreditsHonorsMathematical Thinking

This is not a traditional statistics course. We concentrate on the important problems that can be addressed using data: learning about cause and effect, prediction, converting everyday information to learn about important problems, data visualization, and much more. Many of these topics and ideas are usually found only in more advanced courses. You will learn how to do statistical computing using the widely used and free R software, using the RStudio interface that encourages reproducible and defensible research and analysis. Most assignments will be done in groups, and oral and written communication of work is stressed. If you only plan to take one statistics course, this is it, as it covers methods and ideas needed for a literate and numerate person in the 21st century. The only prerequisite for this course is an open mind and comfort with using numerical information. Students with a prior statistics course, such as AP statistics in high school, are invited, as the overlap will be minimal. Most student work in this course will be in groups with oral and written presentations.

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