HSEM 2637H: Small but Impactful: Insects and the Environment

3 CreditsHonorsEnvironment

Harvard biologist E. O. Wilson referred to insects and other invertebrates as the ‘little things that run the world’. Insects may be small but are numerous, diverse and present almost everywhere – as humans we encounter them not matter where we are and what we do! In this course, Honors students and the Instructor will jointly explore influences of insects as pollinators, ‘recyclers’, and as invasive species that lead to environmental pollution; adaptations that enable insects to handle diverse environmental conditions including climate change; and impacts on humans of insects on planet earth. The course will include brief interactive lectures, select readings and videos for providing background and context related to a specific topic. Students will then explore each topic by engaging in open conversations, small/large discussions using active learning approaches such as think-pair-share, jigsaw discussion groups, and debates for sharing their perspectives based on individual backgrounds/major/interests.

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