HSEM 3807H: Understanding Police Use of Force

3 CreditsHonors

Police use of force incidents are at the forefront of contemporary discussions of law, politics, and culture in the United States and in Minnesota. In this course we will examine legal and cultural issues related to the use of force by police in the United States both from a historical perspective and by examining present-day cases and events nationally and in Minnesota. We will learn and discuss law enforcement use of force decision making through the lenses of the United States Constitution and the cases that have interpreted its meaning. Because all uses of force by law enforcement officers against free citizens is governed by 4th Amendment standards, we will begin with an understanding of 4th Amendment applicability and how it relates to policy, training, supervision, the decision to use force, and the evaluation that takes place thereafter by the courts and law enforcement policy makers. We will learn about the use of force investigative process and the litigation process that oftentimes results from a law enforcement use of force incident, particularly those incidents that result in death. Analysis of specific cases will involve the review of public law enforcement data which will include police body worn camera video of graphic and violent incidents as well as relevant events occurring in the aftermath of use of use of force incidents.

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