HSEX6311: Introduction to Healthcare for Transgender and Gender Diverse Adults

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Introduction to Healthcare for Transgender and Gender Diverse Adults seeks to define trans healthcare through a historical, analytical, and and concern-based curriculum. The first half of the course will explore the components of sexual identity through an intersectional lens, the systemic marginalization of gender-diverse populations, and the historical pathologization of non-conforming sexual identities in the history of healthcare. The second half of this course seeks to define trans healthcare through a tripartite lens of care preceding and during transition, care for non-conforming people, and healthcare for trans concerns before analyzing the historicity of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) standards of care and relevant ongoing care for gender-diverse patients. Students will engage in a discussion-rich curriculum that focuses on destabilizing of race, class, and gender-centric assumptions surriounding the topics of gender identity, sexual orientation, birth-assigned sex, and gender expression. They will also complete a number of case studies to critically engage with topics such as broader trans representation, non-binary healthcare options, historical advances in trans health, and reproductive justice for trans communities. The course will culminate in a student-directed final project that asks them to reflect on how they might apply this knowledge to their specific career trajectory.

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