IBUS 3055: Innovating with Technology: Global IT Entrepreneurship in Action

4 Credits

This course provides state-of-the-art knowledge about information technologies and fundamentals of entrepreneurship with an international perspective. It also provides a comprehensive overview of current and emerging technologies in several different areas of IT, focusing on the needs of the modern net-enhanced organizations and IT adaptation to local markets. In particular, the course covers basics of consumer electronics, Internet and mobile communications, web technologies, cloud computing, cyber-security, social network, etc. Students will be trained to use sprints to evaluate ideas, risk, costs, and culturalization needs of IT solution for local markets. We will look at how technology leaders/entrepreneurs in the rest of the world are addressing these opportunities. This class will teach students to use sprints to answer pressing business questions. First, students will map out the problem and pick an important place to focus. Second, they will sketch competing IT solutions on paper. Third, they will need to make decisions and turn their ideas into testable hypothesis. Fourth, they will develop a real or conceptual model for a prototype. Lastly, they will prepare to test out the ideas or pitch them to the partner companies.

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