IDSC3001: Information Systems & Digital Transformation

3 CreditsField StudyGoal 7 - Human DiversityOnline AvailableTechnology and Society

Information technologies have transformed the way businesses operate and the way consumers interact with businesses. They have enabled organizations to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and reach new customers. Their impact goes beyond the business world and affects nearly every aspect of modern society. Along with the benefits they provide, technologies have created new problems around privacy, security, misinformation on social media, algorithmic bias, and potential stifling of competition and innovation. In today's digital age, it is crucial to develop an understanding of information technologies, their impact on business and society, and the challenges they pose for decision making in commercial firms, government agencies, and public policies. This course is designed to cover a broad range of information technology issues in order to prepare students for the knowledge intensive economy of the 21st century. Students will be exposed to not only the technical aspects of information technologies, but also the social, political, and economic factors that shape its development and use. Through a combination of lectures, discussions, videos, in-class exercises and talks by guest speakers, students will gain an in-depth understanding of how information technologies are shaping businesses and the society as a whole. Students will also develop critical thinking skills to analyze and evaluate the impact of technology on society. Topics include business strategy and disruptive technologies, enterprise systems such as those for Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Management and Human Resource Management, electronic and mobile commerce, social media applications and their social impact, cloud computing, data analytics, IT privacy and security, artificial intelligence and its social impact.

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