JOUR4259: Strategic Communication Case Analysis

3 Credits

This course explores a wide range of strategic communications campaigns in a case study setting. Students will explore real-life situations and analyze them from a strategic, integrated communications point of view. The cases will focus on building relationships with key stakeholder groups, using strategic communication in today’s global environment, and critically analyzing ethical and legal issues. The course objective is to provide students with opportunities to apply their analytical skills when identifying communication opportunities and problems, evaluating the cost and benefits of alternative communication strategies, and evaluating the outcomes of communication campaign decisions. Students will learn how quantitative and qualitative evidence can be used to support strategic decisions, recommendations, and campaign evaluation. Campaigns are drawn from the business, nonprofit, government, and political sectors, and they focus on communication issues addressed through strategic communication, including public relations, advertising, marketing, and/or social media. Students also examine cases involving crisis communication, media relations, and multicultural communication. The case study approach will prepare students to develop their decision-making skills based on best practices learned through the critical evaluation of past and present campaigns.prereq: [JOUR 3004 or 3004H], JOUR 3201, any 32xx skills course, Strat Comm major

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