KIN 3112: Introduction to Biomechanics

4 Credits

This course introduces basic concepts about the mechanics of human movement. The first part of the course will introduce students to various aspects of functional anatomy and provide an overview of the major neural systems that control the human body and its movement. The second part introduces principles of the physics of human movement, while the final part provides examples of how this knowledge can be applied for the rehabilitation, engineering, and sport sciences. The lecture portion of the course is accompanied by a weekly lab that provides tutorials as well as hands-on experiences in small groups where students learn to collect biomechanical data such as motion capture or electromyographic recordings. Prior to the start of class, students must be Kinesiology B.S. majors and have successfully completed human anatomy and physics with a lab. It is preferred, not required, that students have also completed human physiology. To request a permission number, contact the Kinesiology B.S. advisor. prereq: [PHYS 1101W or PHYS 1201W or PHYS 1221 or PHYS 1301W or PHYS 1401V or 1107], [KIN 3027 or KIN 3111 or ANAT 3001 or ANAT 3601 or ANAT 3611 or ANAT 3651 or ANAT 3658H or INMD 3001 or INMD 3601]; KIN 3385 recommended

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