LA3002: Informants of Creating Landscape Space

4 Credits

In this course, you will analyze and design specific projects, considering both their physical and conceptual connection to the larger context in which they are located. The aim is for you to gain an understanding of the relationship of landscape to architecture at the site and urban scales; consider the effects of construction and ground manipulation on the perception and experience of space; and explore the possibilities of layering and transparency, enclosure and adjacencies, in between spaces and connectors. Ultimately, the course will investigate the intersection of physical, biological, and cultural attributes, the opportunities and constraints they produce, the design of space based upon these features, and the [re]presentation of these designs. We will also be building the soft skills that help us grow to be more empathetic and understanding of our client's needs and desired outcomes and practice them throughout the workshop in order to translate experience and input into program + design.

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